FAQs on Movies and Reviews

Here are some commonly asked questions on movies and reviews. You may have the same questions yourself.

  • What is a movie review?

This is basically your take on a movie that you have just watched. It is critical and evaluative in nature, capable of presenting your opinion and standpoint on the film.

  • Can anyone write a movie review?

Yes, as long as that person really takes this business of writing reviews very seriously, which means the person does his or her research as well as gives constructive comments.

  • Can any movie be reviewed?

Definitely. There is a wide variety of movie genres today, and all the reviewer has to do is to choose which genre and which film to write about. The possibilities are actually endless.

  • Does the reviewer need to focus on a single genre?

Perhaps, this would be a good idea, especially if the reviewer intends to establish a niche in a particular genre. This would also help in a way that the reviews will not appear to be all over the place, especially for the readers. On the other hand, it might also be good to write on every genre, so that the reviews will not be too limited or constricted. The choice depends on the writer, really.

  • Do movie reviews have the last say on movies?

Of course not. At the end of the day, the last word is still left to the viewer, and not to the reviewer. The person who watches the movie is still entitled to his or her personal opinion.

  • Of what use are movie reviews, then, if they are not the last word?

Movie reviews can serve as excellent guides and signposts, especially if you’re going to watch a movie for the first time. Good movie reviews give you an idea of what to expect, without making the movie too predictable for you.

  • What are some good movie review sites to check out?

You might want to check out Roger Ebert, Rotten Tomatoes, and IMDB.