Getting Your Fix of Action Films

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Action films are not just for entertainment.

There was a time when action films were reserved only for the summer box office period, but this can no longer be said about today’s age. These days, you now get your dose of action films all year round, and they’re all filled with the same, if not more level of excitement and fun. Moreover, the actors and actresses of these action films are not dreadful talents, either. Ultimately, what the present time’s offering of action films proves is that action is also a worthwhile film enterprise, and it’s not just something to pass the time with. Watching action films is thus not on equal footing with lazying around on the Internet, looking for a discount from online shops like Lazada and Zalora. It is so much more than that. Shop for movies online and get a discount code for new customers. You will have less worries if you use discounts when you shop. You don’t have to worry about paying your “18 jaar zorgverzekering” or 18 years of health insurance.

The year 2017 presents you with a lot of action films that are truly worth all your time and money. These films are a healthy and wonderful mix of solid stories, good acting, and heart-stopping action sequences and effects. The list below give you a taste of 2017’s top three action movies, at least so far, particularly since the year is far from over.

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The Top Three Action Films of 2017 (So Far)

The third placer of this Top Three list is the movie Logan. Here is a movie that has as its central character a superhero whom you thought would never get old and would never die. And yet the film is an intense and close look into mortality and its heavy implications, especially on the strong and powerful Logan, or otherwise known as Wolverine. Using discount code and coupons, you’d be able to watch the movie for a low price.

In second place is the latest remake of Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot is such a beautiful sight on the screen, and all that is transformed into an honest admiration for her strength and resilience as Wonder Woman. Mixing love and action in this origin film, Wonder Woman is indeed an excellent work of art by director Patty Jenkins. The movie is so popular that a lot of young girls wear costumes portaying the hero. Some of them tried to avail discounts such as voucher code for lazada online shop and amazon coupons.

In first place is the action-packed war movie Dunkirk, the interpretation of World War II by the famed director Christopher Nolan. Using his trademark style of intensity and his strong interest in the complexities of time, Nolan manages to capture how terrifying and suspenseful war truly is, and not just for the soldiers.