Movie Review Websites: Knowing Where to Look

You need to get your dose of action films.

write reviewThere seems to be so much joy in spewing out reviews especially after watching a movie which you think is terrible. (This joy can be almost comparable to the joy you feel when you discover that there’s actually a Lazada voucher code for new members, or when you book your hotel arrangements and you ask where to put agoda discount code.) The pleasure comes in knowing that you are capable of arriving at judgments and evaluations on your own, without being too dependent on the opinion established by others. Watching a lot of movies can help you decide which film did a better production. Just like getting an airbnb discount for taking trips abroad, you can also purchase the movies you like on online shops using discounts. You can buy movies online using discount or amazon coupon codes.

But what happens when you are unable to form this opinion about any particular film? Is there any quick source that you can refer to, one that is really a haven for legitimate movie reviews? The happy answer is, of course, yes. Here is a quick list of some of the best movie review websites which you can easily look up on Google. The hope is that after reading through the reviews, you may also get to form and establish your own informed opinion. You would be able to build a website to make more movie reviews. If you want to get more visitors, buying website traffic is a good idea.

Top Movie Review Websites

ratingFirst on this list is the late, great daddy of movie reviews, Roger Ebert. Prior to his death, Ebert wrote a review for practically any movie ever produced. These reviews are also very comprehensive, already giving you an idea as to which ones to watch and which ones to avoid. His reviews also have an extensive back catalogue, which is really very helpful.

Second on this list is Rotten Tomatoes. This website gives you an idea of the average of all the critics’ score of the movie, and this score is then rated according to being either rotten (50% or below) or fresh (51% or above). How is this helpful, you might be asking. This strategy of classifying whether it’s rotten or fresh allows you to separate the worthwhile ones and the ones which you are better off not watching.

Third to make it on this list is IMDB. IMDB is a good source if you’re looking for the views of the common and ordinary folk about any particular movie. Sometimes the professional movie critics can get technical and that may not always be what you need. The good thing with IMDB is that they get the ordinary viewers’ ratings and reviews.