Must-Do: Watch Movies for Inspiration

 Movies can be inspirational, too.

watching movieOrdinarily, people would watch movies for entertainment. Movies are there to help people pass the time, to give people something to do and not run the risk of getting bored to death. That may be one way to think about movies. However, that is not the only way because that is just one side of the story.

Movies may also be watched to gain inspiration and a brand-new sense of meaning and direction. There are some films that really have such a powerful message that you cannot help but feel changed after watching them. There are also some movies whose main characters are really reflective of real human lives that you cannot help but resonate with their stories.  Also, some movies give you a sense of “being”.  You can totally feel and experience the location by just watching.

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Three Movies To Watch For Inspiration

lion kingFor the kid in you, you would probably want to watch (or re-watch) The Lion King. The Lion King may be an animated film, but it is a story that is centered on your strong need to assert yourself and claim what is rightfully yours. This is important especially for those times when you feel that others are trampling over you and you feel too weak; by watching The Lion King, you can simply take your cue from Simba and be the king or queen that you have always been meant to be. If you want to watch The Lion King, you can purchase DVDs online using a discount coupon and promo codes.

Have you ever felt that you were living the same boring day over and over again? If your answer to this question is yes, then you’d better watch Groundhog Day. This is a film that takes this ‘same day’ experience to a literal level, and the main characters keeps on repeating the same day over and over, but he’s the only one who knows that that’s the case. However, the repetition also leads him to question and evaluate his priorities in life, which you might also want to learn from.

The third inspirational film is The Bucket List. This is the perfect eye-opening movie, telling a story about two dying old men, both diagnosed with cancer. In the movie you see how both the cancer and their newfound friendship with each other change both their lives. It may very well change yours, too.