How to Write the Best Movie Review

Behind the curtain – the world needs better movie reviews.

moview reviewThese days, people really find it important to first check their options before diving in. This is true for modern-day relationships, this is true for all the world’s restaurants and every country’s delicacy, and this is even true for the film industry. Before even checking out a movie for themselves, people now usually read the reviews first. (It is also a little similar to how people like searching for coupon codes on products first before purchasing anything from online shops like Lazada and Zalora. With discounts, you will have less worries paying your bills and “eigen bijdrage zorgverzekering” or personal contribution healthcare insurance.) The thing is, you don’t really want to make or establish your judgment merely based on your private opinion; these days it has become the better practice to anchor your judgment on a solid basis. In the case of movies, it’s good to base your judgment on movie reviews.

This raises the question: how do you write a good movie review? The truth of the matter is that there is no single template that will be a surefire way to write a good review. However, there are some tips which would help you along the way, should you ever want to write your own review in the future.

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Tips for Writing a Movie Review

The first thing you have to do as you write your review is to get your mian point straight, what they call in writing as your main thesis. What is your standpoint on the movie? Is it good? Is it worth-watching? Is it cheaply made and not worth spending money on at all? Keep in mind that this thesis has to be honest and authentic. This thesis will then set the groundwork for the rest of your review. It now becomes some sort of foundation for everything else that you are going to write. Writing a review is like describing the good and the bad angles of an amsterdam buildings or the amsterdam architectuur.

The second thing which you can focus on would be crafting a good plot summary. Pay attention to how you write this summary, since it’s going to provide some window into the film, specifically to help your readers. (Important: learn the art of giving away just enough to excite, but not too much that your readers won’t need to watch the movie anymore. As much as possible, avoid giving huge spoilers.)

Third tip: as you move into your analysis, remember to include a lot of examples from the movie to back up your point or your thesis. (This is tricky, because while you need to give lots of examples, you might want to guard yourself from the strong temptation to give away spoilers.) These examples will then be essential to allowing your readers to visualize the film and feel as though they, too, were there watching the film with you.

At the end of the day, writing a good movie review really depends on how much you love film. If you do love film and are willing to commit to it, in such a way that you write on your thoughts and ideas about it, then writing a good review will come almost naturally to you. Almost, because it still takes a lot of practice.